Herd Composition

Explanations in red. Click here for a herd composition form to print and use.

Does   Bucks
Name DOB Tattoos Reg. # Name DOB Tattoos Reg. #
Pickle 5-21-85 MKK / W6  5999 F Peter Piper 6-3-90 MKK / B15 5536 M
Gherkin 2-26-87 MKK / Y1  8572 F Brine 4-15-91 MKK / C5 6204 M
Piccalili 1-13-89 MKK / A2 11502 F Nalley 5-26-91 MKK / C8 6588 M
Relish 1-13-89 MKK / A3 11501 F Kosher 3-12-92 MKK / D4 7214 M
Chutney 6-3-90 MKK / B14 14699 F Peck 4-2-96 MKK / 96C 11851 M
Sweet Relish 4-13-92 MKK / D11 19521 F In the mid 1990s, I changed my tattoo system. Instead of using NPGA's suggestion, I used the last two numbers of the birth year and a letter to designate the order of birth during that year.  One can determine the goat's age at a glance, rather than trying to remember which year is which letter.

It's easy to add new kids at the bottom to create a chronological list of the herd.
(Yes, these really were some of my goats - it was so much fun naming all the kids in our "Pickle" line.)

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